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“Niamh truly teaches from the heart, a serious approach to the sessions that have an ever present element of fun . Wonderful."

Matt M.


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Twilight Yoga & Unique Relaxation

Monday 17th October 7-8pm at the PalmHouse Twilight Yoga & Unique Relaxation – Hridaya Hatha yoga – Devotion to the Self A sweet flow bringing freedom in hips, spine & shoulders before easing into stillness – where we’ll hear this voice inside – through a unique relaxation with a moving & heart opening LIVE classical performance. Relaxation in yoga its sanskrit name Savasana, translates to corpse pose. Once mastered this pose its benefits at very least are equivalent to a whole night sleep for entire body cell renewal – freshness, newness & aliveness. Savasana is also perceived as a...


Sunset yoga special

Monday 15th August 7-8pm Super excited to announce the Palm House has allowed a second gathering of Hridaya Yoga beaneath the PALMS, just before SUNSET. The reason for this event is to CELEBRATE because we can and because the last was so goood! You may be aware the Palmhouse is not usually open during these times so in loving grattitude to the Palms, your offering of £5 is being donated ENTIRELY to the Palm House – Givng back to the PALMS. Sefton Park Palm House Trust is delighted to host this event for Hridaya Yoga During the Save the...


Being LOVE

Yoga, breathe & Hridaya Meditation Saturday 25th 2-4.30pm & Sunday 26th 10.30-1pm June 2016 This workshop specifically evokes the energy of the heart bringing to surface any blockages for clarification & dissolution. A sincere and genuine approach with surrender to the practice, hearts will be bursting to open! The practise brings freedom in hips, spine and shoulders through a blend of HRIDAYA asana, pranayama & meditations Both days offer a deep & warm gentle flow before static postures, easing into Yin (a grounding practice merging earth & heart energies). Practical & experiential we will: • Heart opening movement & postures •...


Special Summer Solstice YOGA

Monday, 20 June 2016 7-8PM Celebrating 2 YEARS of Hridaya Yoga beneath the PALMS A huge thank YOU to the PALMS of Palm House Sefton Park giving this magical space & healing for the practise of twice weekly Hridaya Yoga. Giving back to the PALMS in loving gratitude, £5 per person is donated ENTIRELY to the Palm House for this  FUNDRAISING event. “Sefton Park Palm House Trust is delighted to host this event for Hridaya Yoga During the Save the Palm House Campaign, when the Palm House was in desperate need of renovation, annual fund raising events were held to help...


Embody your Divine Feminine

A Workshop for Women Only, with Antoaneta from Hridaya Yoga Mexico  “Women are divinity, women are life, women are truly jewels.” –Yoni Tantra Schedule: 11:00 am to 5:00 pm on Saturday, 11 June £50 “Embody Your Divine Feminine” is a Tantric workshop that aims to awaken a woman’s awareness of her sacredness. It is dedicated to awakening the power of the Divine Feminine to dissolve past or current suffering, traumas, or difficulties. This dissolution of suffering allows women to embody the true Jewels that they are. The workshop presenter, Antoaneta, is a senior Hridaya Yoga teacher who has been leading workshops,...


Up coming workshops

  Being Love Saturday April 9 2016, Stonewater Zen, Hope St. Liverpool Love is in the Air! Hridaya (heart centre) yoga, breathing & meditation themed with inspirational poetry and PUKKA LOVE treats & hearty eats!   more info click here         City mini Silent retreat, Stonewater Zen, Liverpool Saturday 4-7pm & Sunday 10.30 – 1pm  May 15 2016 Through the way of the heart, using body mind & breath  we reset the body back to its primary function to bring out the aliveness of what is hidden.Tea & tasty treats! more info click here     Playing with the Senses Saturday May 21 2016...