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For all those who asked over the years, this has been a long time coming!

Once putting to one side personal hurdles and insecurities, I was able to focus on creating. By the time I returned to those insecurities the transmutable took effect. The -not liking my voice- into believing in my voice (ultimately my truth). Only then, all possibilities presented themselves to me: the studio, producer, publisher and so on. All the links paved my way for this project to magically create itself. Finally offering relaxation, meditation & visualisation recordings. 

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MASTER relaxation – Niamh Kavanagh

However the manifest is never without a challenge. 

This one in particular really does make me smile…

During the process of publishing I was most enthused to share, yet had to hold back before announcing the release date due to an issue that surfaced and needed clearing. That being, there is another Niamh Kavanagh, who much more famous than I since she won the Eurovision song contest back in the late eighties and still an existing artist. So when it came to publishing my album on line, the matrix automatically synch our name as One. She being far more dominant, took precedence over myself that result in not only my album listing among hers, but also portrayed by her profile & photos, despite copyright of artwork credentials.

Guessing the other Niamh Kavanagh has no idea of my existence, this is not the first time her name catapult events in my life. Going back in time, when Dad left us when my sister and I were 2/3 years Earth age. 

There was no contact from him. 

Non At All. 

Until i was 16. 

I remember very clearly as I stood in the background, listening to my Mother engage with the person on the other end of the phone… my Dad. He called to ask was it me who won the Eurovision song contest? 

A little insensitive perhaps, but I never perceived my Dad a bad person at all, far from it. He just played the role to serve one of life’s valuable teachings as I did he. After all life is but full of lessons giving blessings, personally unique to each and every individual soul having its own purpose and meaning in life. It is my Dad in fact whom I develop a mystic charm and longing; of a physical presence that eventually direct towards the omnipresence, keeping me awake. It is he from whom my Mother develop into the true maverick she is. Between the two they produced a being who (finally) loves her life, including the acceptance of its imperfections and flaws and a sister who is a best friend and beautiful mirror.

Growing up with a feeling that something or one was missing in my life pushed me beyond ordinary means of day to day living into a search of there being more to life than what we see.

So you see, within the stirring of the seemingly non manifest, the unseen, unfolding of synchronistic stories and events continue to link us to here and now. Practise more and more Relaxation to rest in the unknown. Rest also perceived as a quiet confidence.

With a smile and a giggle, I present to you, the real Niamh Kavanagh

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