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“Niamh truly teaches from the heart, a serious approach to the sessions that have an ever present element of fun . Wonderful."

Matt M.


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Whats your favourite position?

Lying down. Its every ones favourite position. In the 14 years Ive been teaching, time and time again I hear the space echo with the whispers YES, and see the faces of relief when the moment arrives for relaxation, in laying down position. When you are relaxed your entire life can change because you start seeing more, your senses become more alive, awareness opens right up and flashes in all faces of mirrors around you. You start seeing differently and creating in a new way. And what may have bothered or upset you before, suddenly doesn’t effect you as...


Whats Locking and not Looking?

Fear is always about something that has not happened and it stops life. When  you take steps into the unknown, leave behind the safe walls of what you know, challenges will surface. See them as illusion. You say “It feels scary” Fear is an illusion -always about stuff that has not happened- its a projection. Although, is becomes very real when dealing with strong emotions that surface from fear, in re-act–ion.  When you make change, don’t let fear stop and lock you into mundane patterns that keep you asleep. Fear wakes you up. Keeps our senses thriving alive. So,...


Relaxing in front of TV or with a beer?

The only person stopping you from relaxing is you. Relaxing is not sitting in front of the TV or having a beer in the bar.  These are activities that pour data into and stimulate the psyche, the opposite to relaxing. True relaxation allows you to access your internal reservoir for absorption of fresh energy. Im talking about a deep relaxation beyond cellular level where you detach from and strip back all disturbances of the mind – such as worry, tensions, fears, unwanted memories that hold you back – into the core of your being, which is radiant by the way,...


How to Commit to the Magic of your Being

The magic of your being is always there. It just feels it deserted you, because you neglected the magic of your being with chores and slaves for money. In this time, a little bit of self polishing is needed so it can shine back through you. “Work diligently. Diligently. Work patiently and persistently. Patiently and persistently. And you’re bound to be successful. Bound to be successful.” Goenka 3 things you will need to do to commit to the magic of your being: 1. Attention Make a date with you. Develop self intimacy. Wether it’s relaxation, yoga practice or meditation, start...


Bound or Free?

Sattva, Rajas and Tamas are qualities of The Three Gunas: the general spirit of who you are and what you do. They determine how you see and what you think about yourself. They make up your thoughts, moods, dreams, sleep, eat, dress, work, choice of friends, inevitably how you act. Your life validates this by continuing patterns through qualities of Sattva, Rajas and Tamas. They exist behind, within and around you (physical and subtle bodies). They can devastate, bound or free you. Qualities of Sattva: Truth, pure, light, state of peace, harmony, equilibrium, balance, joy and intelligence. More receptive...


Master Relaxation EP

For all those who asked over the years, this has been a long time coming! Once putting to one side personal hurdles and insecurities, I was able to focus on creating. By the time I returned to those insecurities the transmutable took effect. The -not liking my voice- into believing in my voice (ultimately my truth). Only then, all possibilities presented themselves to me: the studio, producer, publisher and so on. All the links paved my way for this project to magically create itself. Finally offering relaxation, meditation & visualisation recordings.  Enjoy a sample on iTunes and consider purchasing the album by...