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Embody Your Divine Femimine – city summer retreat

Venue: House of Ananda, 80 Darby Road, Liverpool Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd July 2017


Saturday 1st July 11-5pm – DANCE!

“Dance until you shatter yourself.” – Rumi

“Dance, when you’re broken open.
Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off.
Dance in the middle of the fighting.
Dance in your blood.
Dance when you’re perfectly free.” – Rumi

This workshop is an invitation for you, woman, to meet yourself where you are at in this moment. Accept, embrace, dance, sing and worship whatever it is in this moment. Dance your happiness or sadness, your gain or loss, your light or your shadow and let your dance raise you above yourself. The poetry you are will be written by your moving body. And then, we can sit together and talk about love and worship. You already know, woman that the ritual is deep within you. Let me just remind you…

– Alchemical dance
(designed by Antoaneta to guide the energy through the chakras)
– 5 rhythms
– Sufi dance
– Dance your poem


Sunday 2nd July 11-5pm – RITUALS

“Without love, all worship is a burden, all dancing is a chore, all music mere noise” – Rumi

– Simple rituals in daily life (such as smudging, cooking, bathing)
– How to set up an altar in your own house
– How to create the inner altar
– Purification of the chakras
– Mantra chanting
– Awakening the qualities ritual
– Nyasa – ritual to divinize the body
– Yoni puja – ritual to worship the yoni

Come and join us beauty full BEING true women sharing together in openess, trust and joy.

Please email to book.

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