There is something greater & purer than what the mouth utters. Silence illuminates our souls, whispers to our hearts, & brings them together – Kahlil Gibran

These practical sessions show how to apply varying techniques according to the different mind states / thought /emotions, (even when overwhelmed by them). Rather than tirelessly chasing thoughts, we shift focus into the expansive of the radiant space of the heart, FREEING from tensions of the mind. This increases ability to respond quickly and effectively in stressful events and helps us respond to situations with positive emotions. I’m not talking about trying to be happy or avoiding sadness, rather through living with an open heart we are more free from mind stuff. Clarity arises.

Through a meditation practice we can become more aware of every moment as an act toward the unfolding of our lives. Releasing all that we are not to reveal the radiance of our true nature. Increasing awareness brings us into a space of clarity and stillness. This does not mean we stop: rather we calm the mind thus becoming more productive within the busy, fast pace of urban life.

“After being removed from society briefly can I thank you for your trust and simple breathing exercise which is why I remain to give a part of my mind to a brief lesson and encounter, please may I not forget and love. Ronald, Thank you Niamh”.

“Niamh was a wonderful host; she made me feel welcome and comfortable. The technique we used was a simple and powerful one, and her presence facilitated a deeper and more profound experience of the meditation”.  Attilla Beres         

“Niamh’s offers a good balance of guidance and spaciousness through a beautiful meditation. I feel that this helps me go deeper in my meditation. Nimh offers a very warm and supportive atmosphere”. Caroline Morgan