Master Relaxation

And find the magic of your Being

with Niamh Kavanagh

Moving into Relaxation : Relax & Meditate

Soothe & Replenish : Healing the Kidneys Visualisation

Breathe into Freedom : Infinity Breath Technique

Moving Past Fear : Guided Visualisation

"Learning to relax is the very least you can do because of its positively infectious effects of unfolding truth and love that lights up the shadowed mind of another. The least becomes the most."

"Niamh has a lovely soothing voice so I shut my eyes and literally fall into the practise. I now listen everyday and it has truly changed my life"
Yvonne Clements
"An inspiration! I love what Niamh has put together with Master Relaxation, this is truly her calling and it uplifts me every time I listen. Thank you"
Jonas Gerber
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