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Practice yoga beneath enchanting plants and sweet sounds of birds singing

Every Tuesday & Thursday 9.30-10.30 am  

Yoga for heart and soul

We open hips, spine and shoulders through a calm yet deep flow before a traditional sequence of static postures stimulating heart, lymph and spinal fluid, refreshing body, mind and soul.

Hips – powerhouse of emotions – we release without trying it just happens – through which we can strengthen lower back and core, bringing more dynamism to personality

Spine – bringing support & strength, fluidity & flexibility to all aspects of life

Shoulders – freeing burdens carried here


-Relaxing tissues and muscles, to open up.

-Shift energy to positive moods.

-Alignment of chakras, balancing and toning body and  mind.

Complete with a relaxation for the absorption of fresh energy into the heart for free flow, bringing more peace love and harmony.

You’ll leave charged with fresh energy and eyes glowing not to mention re shaping the whole body beautiful.

Hridaya Yoga invites everyone to live with an open heart and discover the true potential of human life. Immerse yourself into your real and essential nature.