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Fear is always about something that has not happened and yet
it stops life.

When  you take steps into the unknown and leave behind the safe walls of what you know, challenges will surface. See them as illusion.

You say “It feels scary.” Fear is an illusion -always about stuff that has not happened- its a projection.

Although, very real when dealing with strong emotions that fear creates: re-ACT-ions.  When you make change, don’t let fear stop and lock you into acts of emotion creating fasle sense of security by keeping you in mundane patterns of sleep.

Fear wakes you up. Keeps our senses to thrive aliveness. So, stand strong like a mountain. Tell yourself  there is no turning back and continue learning to rest through moments of reaction and continue. Eventually you will remain nuetral and non reactive so you can live your life with the opportunities it presents, along with any so coalled risks involved.

Fears and phobias are never about the subject itself but projections of our hidden insecurities. Fear creates illusionary situations for you to avoid facing that insecurity OR deceives you into making fear-based decisions that present more problems.

Its just something the mind does to lock you from looking at you.

The best way to refine these feelings and reactions are to approach when the mind is in a state of relaxation. When the mind relaxes you can heal, you can breathe into freedom and  you can move past fear.

By identifying with a certain feeling you start believing, thus become.

A phobia is a projection of a much deeper fear hidden in the subconscious. Often starts from childhood memory labeled as a bad experience, or something you decided you now don’t like based on that one time experience. The more resistance to the object/person/event overtime, the bigger the projection. As it amplifies and forms itself into psycho drama, stopping you in life.

On one hand fear can be a great helper and save your life, on the other fear can keep you locked in the illusion of being safe, so you avoid things in life, keeping you behind closed doors and from many beautiful new experiences in life.

We all express our fears differently from each other. Some internal where your psycho drama implodes, you attacking you or self sabbotage. Externally  psycho drama projects on others often transferring the feeling or finding blame. Both have capacity to project in 2 different ways:

You suffer in silence and hide, create lies to hide and believe your lies, we know this as denial. When pushed into the cellular where over time, manifests as disease and ailment of the physical body. Denial is tricky as its subliminal ways make it difficult for the person to perceive their own reality and often masquerades itself by accomplice such as food, alcohol and other substances. Suppressing and taking the edge of contracted murky feelings to painful for the barer to confront. This temporary fix has detriment effects of self sabotage leading to dependancy and addictions. The dependancy to lean to any form of material or social circle that cushions and comforts for you to escape pain or fear thus possibly fueling the addictive nature.

You play out the drama by finding blame to cover up your fear, also denial. Leaves you feeling really bad about about yourself often turn to self abuse verbally or self harm, punishing self, anything to avoid looking at your fears.

For example a group of you are on holiday. Alice has a fear of water. She doesn’t inform the group about her fear when they plan a boat trip to the beach. Instead, Alice pretends all is okay, has an important call to make.

“Ill meet you guys down there.” She affirms.

Two hours later no sign of Alice, the girls start wondering where she is. Meanwhile Alice sits alone with her deepest darkest demons who play out their pshyco drama, in her head.

They multiply.

She starts feeling left out, dumped, rejected, abandoned, fears become paranoias. She starts to create the story they left her behind. These are unpleasant emotions and insecurities to be left alone with and totally unnecessary to go through. By the time Alice takes herself down the beach via the road, she arrives fuming because she believes her made up story. She will believe anything rather than face her fear. The girls are completely taken back when Alice storms past furiously, accusing they left without her.

Alice’s fear for water transpires when she confides to one of the girls who created a safe space for her. The onset of her actual fear may be a near death drowning experience as a child or maybe fear of grief, perhaps someone she loves drowned and left her. It would make sense after relating her fears of water with abandonment.

Alice create the story that overpowers her fear so she dosnt have to face her actual fear .
Relating her fear of water with abandonment as something to blame for her fear, removes her from facing her fear.

Living in fear is is no way to live.

When you see how the subliminal take place, where you can talk your way into-and-out-of anything, ask yourself:

How much do you trust this voice of fear inside?

Why give it the time of day when all it does is lock you in suffering?

Your fears can be your greatest teaching

You can move past fear.  Try not to fight or avoid fear. Approach gently, play with and explore. Talk about your fears, let them breathe, share with your friends and loved ones whom you feel comfortable to confide in what you are frightened of, the more they come into awareness and bring them to light, the more opportunity you create to dissolve them.

When fears, complexes and insecurities arises step by step, breathe into and absorb the sensations as that come up. Take your time. Find more in Moving past fear recording after listening to Master relaxation.

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