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into freedom

Do not limit the potential of your dreams, see beyond the dreams

Releasing Trauma

Remove dis-ease and illusions to bring out the aliveness of what’s is hidden. 

This powerful healing clears emotion, trauma and fears held in the body, known and unknown. Release patterns & triggers and journey into the ‘real’ you to resonate a higher vibration.   Align with positive sensory responses to life and live more functionaly & beneficialy.

Clarity and Calm

Radiate the real you: transcend worries, burdens, fears, tensions, unwanted thoughts & stress of the world. Clarity, Self-intimacy & pure awareness arises.

Wild and Free

More than movement; discover the alchemy of dance  

Dance your soul out into your wildest mysterious free spirit & celebrate your Goddess given gift as we meet in Oneness.

~ Flow spontaneously, experience your body’s expression of fluidity
~ Know and understand your boundaries
~ Dance wild & free abandoning unwanted thoughts & emotions
~ Disappear in the dance, dissolve boundaries becoming light & playful
~ Ground in stillness & unconditional Love with meditations

"In life as in dance: Grace glides on blistered feet.”
Alice Abrams

Deeper Connection

Know your bodies inner strength & feel a quiet confidence and solidarity.

The greatest feeling yoga brings is deeper connection with our emotions, the way we think and ultimately behave in order to maintain a strong body and mind. From this, a deeper knowing arises through self exploration that you are much more than you realise.

Since the very essence of yoga is union, it should then be of no surprise that we align more harmoniously with ourselves, in turn, others in our lives.

Please enjoy this free GIFT TO SELF

Learning how to master relaxation is essential for overcoming fear, anxiety, unwanted emotions, insomnia, stress-related issues and destructive thoughts.First we must heal and purify body, mind and emotions. (For optimum effects, Moving into Relaxation should precede these shorter recordings of positive intentions).

Who is Niamh

Experiencing many walks of life before “coming back home,” Niamh will guide and support your healing and growth, bringing out the aliveness of what is hidden.

Honouring all expressions of life Niamh is moved and inspired by those who do extraordinary things for others. She surrounds herself by weird and wonderful crazy cats as well as tender beings: all hearts—closed, open and broken, creatives, free thinkers, visionaries, nature’s brilliance and raw elements. When not teaching or soul writing Niamh frequents to wide open spaces, the sea, the sky…

and marvels at life’s great mystery.

Niamh teacher of Yoga & Hridaya meditation offers subtle breathwork therapy combined with differnet dimensions of consciousness.


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"Niamh truly teaches from the heart, a serious approach to the sessions that have an ever present element of fun . Wonderful."
Matt M

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