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This beautiful workshop specifically evokes the energy of the heart bringing to surface any blockages for clarification & dissolution. A sincere and genuine approach with surrender and moments of silence brings out the aliveness of what is hidden.

The practise

Movement and an open breath for the release of old into new ways of being. Through a blend of HRIDAYA yoga, breath work, meditation and energy work. Hearts will be bursting to open!

We will explore concepts of Adviata Vedanta (non duality) & consciousness of Oneness to help undersatnd how this can integrate into our being.

Practical & experiential we will:
• Heart opening movement & postures
• Breathing into Love
• Transfiguration
• Meditations on the Self

Embrace a freezing heart to melt away difficulties:
• From fear, hurt & resentment to accept, forgive & love
• Let go of past or current trauma or difficulties
• Awakening more into consciousness of oneness
• Boost self-confidence & trust
• Develop enthusiasm & zest for life, creativity
• Balance emotions, developing clarity



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