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“Niamh truly teaches from the heart, a serious approach to the sessions that have an ever present element of fun . Wonderful."

Matt M.


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When darkness descends…

With the long & drawn out winter soon to arrive appearing to shroud the light of day, a meditative practice of hridaya yoga ignites even the most dimmest of light in our hearts through drawing on the breath. Although cold & blustery elements push us into hibernation with the feeling of withdrawing into the night, this time spent wisely allows absorption, where within the great dome of our ribs we connect more deeply with ourselves. By using the breath to caress the inner walls of our chest we ignite the fire of our hearts. Just like blowing on the...


Dance! Women Dance!

Alchemy Dance & 5 Rhythms Inspired Saturday 19th August   1-3pm  Planet Yoga, Smithdown Road, Liverpool This Dance of Alchemy where the poetry you are will be written by your moving body. Dance your soul out into your wildest mysterious free spirit & celebrate your Goddess given gift as we meet in Oneness. Intention -Flow spontaneously, experience your body’s expression of fluidity -Know and understand your boundaries -Dance wild & free abandoning unwanted thoughts & emotions -Disappear in the dance, dissolve boundaries becoming light & playful -Ground in stillness & unconditional Love with meditations “Without love, all worship is...


Self healing Womb

Out beyond ideas of right doing and wrong doing There is a field.I will meet you there. Rumi This is not to promote self healing nor deny medical treatment favouring one better than the other, each having their own meaning and purpose honouring different needs in different times. This is for you as women to become more aware of all options available. Listening to the Body About a year ago I sensed I had an ovarian cyst, the first step was to validate self diagnosis with a medical one. Once confirmed through ultra sound, next was to explore all...


Upcoming Events

  Full Immersion Practise Saturday 10th June 2017 House of AnandaDynamic movement, breath, meditation. We simply wake up & dance the day as the whole creation! More info click here     Embody Your Divine Feminine 1 & 2 July 2017 House of AnandaAn invitation for you, woman, to meet yourself where you are at in this moment. Accept, embrace, dance, sing and worship more info here     Silent Yoga Disco Sunday 25th June Palm House, Sefton Park This immersive cocoon of uplifting sounds brings an intimate yet collective ambience as we journey together musically. More info click here  ...


Full Immersion Practise

Saturday  10th June 930am-1130am Venue: House of Ananda, 80 Darby Rd, Grassendale L19 9aw Dynamic movement, breath & meditation giving space and time for the energetic structure to adjust, realign & harmonise, thus revealing deep calmness for healing, transparency & self connection. -Full lower & upper body sequence -Balancing elements earth – water -fire -Balancing emotions of worry anger fear, harmonising into wisdom, beauty & love -Breathing, visualisation & meditation -Inner & outer space for whole integration – Deep realxation- we simply wake up & dance the day as the whole creation! £12 ADVANCE BOOKING ONLY as space is...


Intuitive Being

Intuitive Being Why do the opposite when a distinct gut-feeling tells you otherwise? Intuition may appear to not come easy to some, may not be easily heard or felt in different moments /phases /situations for one reason or another. We have the emotional body hardwired to the psyche, thoughts that can deceive us to believe otherwise along with the play of external force and influence. Not to mention attachments to these, known and unknown. So theres a lot going on! Sometimes we get it – the so called right – and other times we don’t – the so called...