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Sattva, Rajas and Tamas are qualities of

The Three Gunas: the general spirit of who you are and what you do.

They determine how you see and what you think about yourself.

They make up your thoughts, moods, dreams, sleep, eat, dress, work, choice of friends, inevitably how you act. Your life validates this by continuing patterns through qualities of Sattva, Rajas and Tamas.

They exist behind, within and around you (physical and subtle bodies).

They can devastate, bound or free you.

Qualities of Sattva: Truth, pure, light, state of peace, harmony, equilibrium, balance, joy and intelligence. More receptive to higher knowledge and thinking, absorption. The Energy source that flows through when you meditate are seen and experienced. Synchronicity starts to appear. Life flows.

Qualities of Rajas: Movement, action, change, attachment, ‘over’ doing things, reactivity, confused (on waking and sleeping).

Qualities of Tamas: Darkness, inertia, inactivity and materiality, doubts, negativity, procrastination, cant think properly, ignorance, stop thinking, shut things out, stopping movement and stops movement of truth, dark destruction chaos.


Sattva is in rajas and tamas for every movement and experience you learn from; you see truth but only enough to get by.

Getting by is not enough.

As sattva being pure- with lots of it – you become more creative, inspiring and infectious for others. However, sattva must also be overcome, so you can be free and say goodbye to them all. To be free and go beyond – is to still the mind, in that momnent – they are gone.

Stillness of the mind

Here the channel opens for sattva to pass through. It is that space time continuum of all knowledge and information of all that has been and is to come. No past, present future is experienced. At this point of consciousness of Oneness you have access to ask questions, though may not be immediate, answers arise. Be aware of these subtleties and synchronicities.

Meditation, why do it?

When you meditate you pause and this lets you see and be in the present moment. This pause gives you a break from patterns and negativity. During this respite phase space arises for the dissolution of old patterns (in time) giving opportunity to create new ones. Being in the moment brings beauty and vibrancy in life that already exists all around you.

Meditation becomes easily available when working with your senses or sensations because its something you know, through feeling them. Smell, sight, touch, taste, hearing. Shifting attention from mind to sensations in the body subtly dissolves unwanted patterns stored in the subconscious mind. Meditation creates positive-feel-good emotions and puts new experiences there. In this time you attract good things. Positive living cant help but increase more and more of itself.

Cultivate postive attitude

When you make a fire, you don’t just light it then walk away leaving it burn out and die. In oder to keep the fire alive you have to cultivate and nurture the fire which requires attention. It asks for patience and perseverance because it needs time. After given attention and the flames are burning then you can sit back and rejoice in the warmth of its glow.

In the same way Hridaya yoga says:

“Cultivate Divine qualities within to light the fire of the our hearts with positive attitudes”

which are all sattvic:

* Pure Intention * Love * Humbleness * Courage * Generosity, charity

*Goodness (kindness, forgiveness) * Sincerity (honesty,truthfulness)

*Patience, tolerance, forbearance * Perseverance, diligence, discipline

* Aspiration * Gratitude * Entusiasm, joy * Wisdom * Compassion


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