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Being Love Awareness

Being Love Awareness inspires wholeness and life integration.

Transform personal & collective aspects as the whole self.

Through dynamic movement, breath, meditations and energy work, this beautiful workshop specifically evokes the energy of the heart - bringing any blockages to light for clarification & dissolution. A sincere and genuine approach of surrendering into moments of silence, transormations arise.

Understaning Adviata Vedanta, Self inquiry and consciousness of Oness to apply in modern living.

“Letting go gives us freedom, and freedom is the only condition for happiness. If, in our heart, we still cling to anything – anger, anxiety, or possessions – we cannot be free.” Thich Nhat Hanh

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Mastering Relaxation

"If your suffering stress and anxiety its quite possible you are also experiencing poor sleep."

Mastering Relaxation - The art to being relaxed while active. Come and discover the notion “Resting in the Busyness” through passive and active movement, as life expresses both these.

Allowing mind stuff to longer get in our way when trying to get things done, even on a day to day basis. Frustrations, expectations and disappointments can be replaced with patience, and a carefree attitude. The ability to let go comes with regular practise of relaxation which overtime integrates through both sleep and waking patterns. No longer reacting, no longer resisting, no longer contracting to life. Instead a relaxed - more open body and mind - from where deep peace and inherent bliss starts to arise. This yin & yang yoga and pranayama combined workshop brings deeper understanding of how and when to enhance relaxation in your life.

Your benefits: Clarity, More time appears, recognising symptoms that stop you you relaxing, connect with structures & organs of your being for healing, become more creative, inspiring and infectious for others. Smile form inside.

“Relaxing and healing you, relaxes and heals others.”

Full Immersion

Full immersion of Yoga & Meditation during The Lunar Phase.

The full moon a time where all lights up in the dark, stresses or challenges might surface. A powerful time for healing and also journey deep. Peeling back the layers, only to reveal whats fully alive and glowing abundantly within us. Just like Rumi says, "The Sufi shimmers even when darkness surrounds"

Your benefits: Create inner & outer space for whole integration Replenish the vital body for healing (life force) Self - Connection

Moving meditation & breath allows space for polar energies (left & right brain/emotions etc) to adjust, realign & harmonize, thus revealing deep calmness for healing, transparency & self-connection.

Alcehemy of Dance

For Women

Dance out your Soul and release your shadows. Pass through the different phases, rhythms, & expressions through movement meditations and breath for your well-being women. Release what holds you back into artful stillness and expanse of the heart, where we meet in Unity & Love.

Leading you to an inspired, ecstatic expression of embodying ourselves in this beautiful dance and energy flow movement you will:

- Overcome shyness

- Realise your true potential & wisdom as a women

- Develop healing, trust & confidence in yourself and others

-Nuture the woman you are

Yoga for the Spine

Love your back wherein lies the passage to health, harmony & freedom

The spine the beginning of our physical form and structure, our entire well-being relies on the importance of its axis for function and sensation. Therefore pose and posture becomes paramount for our health, growth and grace.

Part 1: The fluidity of the Spine

With awareness, we focus on breath combined postures that stretch, strengthen and lengthen the spine creating more space. Yoga then shows the spine in motion through elongation, how we can re-pattern and re-establish fluidity and health, as at birth. Assisting any spinal related issues, blockages or past injuries that may echo in the physical body.

Part 2: Free flowing energy of the Spine

The spine, also a passage to reawaken dormant energies, clearing and healing blockages for the elevation of our minds. For this we first root in stability, purify and balance. A practical approach, we explore the energetic structure of the spine, its relativity between the endocrine system and the corresponding elements of the energy centres. Having this basic understanding allows us to see how this reflects in thoughts, emotions, ultimately action. We focus on breath combined postures that support, heal and rest through free-flowing life force.

Silent Yoga Disco

Live opera surprise

Flow with the beat of your heart, an open breath, let the music be the rhythm of your body and the practise take you there!

Don't be surprised leaving silently ecstatic!

Niamh brings a quirky & fun twist to explore your inner self through the meeting of 2 worlds yoga & music! This immersive cocoon of uplifting sounds brings an intimate yet collective ambience while journeying together musically. You will be guided through a flow of gentle & challenging postures for experienced & beginners. Sounds by local artist Lupine using original works across house music and downtempo styles layered with Niamh's voice.

Postures to uplift the senses are specifically designed to open the heart and connect with soul.

Wireless headsets are light, comfy & secure.


Awakening core strength & digestive fire for vitality

2nd Decemeber

Discover the purpose of the 'life force behind core strength' to cultivate harmony, balance and upliftment of the whole being, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Go beyond heavy emotions, nervousness, fears, sluggishness, inertia, weak body and mind to flourish into your creative potential, passion and enthusiasm to fuel a fuller life.

Revealing secrets of yoga through specific movement meditations and breath, as well as full perspective and understanding of core strength, you will explore how this helps improve mental efficiency, confidence and creativity.

Benefits function according to the individuals needs of body/mind balance through transmutable effects of detoxification and purification. We will also explore nutritional foods for balance of fiery energy.


New Year Positive Intentions

13th January 2018

Lift your spirits into a New Year through an insightful & heart warming body mind soul practise.

Let me show you how to Align with the Truth of your desires that are positive, fruitful, infectious, radiant and transformational.

The Practise: We'll prepare through conscious rotation of movement, grounding yoga & meditation postures to create space in mind & heart for a smooth transition into self reflection.

With a New Moon approaching, we will further align with the rhythm of natures purifying process by embracing weakness - to release habitual & destructive patterns, known and unknown. Then, we will integrate within the present moment to positively influence and bring forth intuitive & perceptive, qualitative intentions. Unlocking our strengths to see our light, thus continuing a freer, positive New year.