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The magic of your being is always there.

It just feels like it deserted you, because you neglected the magic of your being with chores and slaves for money. But thats okay, in these times, a little bit of self polishing is needed so it can shine back through you.

“Work diligently. Diligently. Work patiently and persistently. Patiently and persistently. And you’re bound to be successful. Bound to be successful.” Goenka

3 things you will need to do to commit to the magic of your being:

1. Attention: Make a date with you.

Develop self intimacy. Wether it’s relaxation, yoga practice or meditation, start preparing the space, bringing to attention all the things you need to make this happen. For example blankets, dim lights, yoga matt, music, dress comfortably, mobile off (you don’t want distraction).

2. Intention: Develop emotional connection with what you want to commit to.

Create time by exchanging nights out or watching TV to connect with the magic of your being. See yourself play out the action of the yoga sequence, meditation, walk in nature and so on. Imagine through body mind sensation how it would feel, see the changes, strengths, good feeling and benefits it brings about, feel it in your being now. See yourself relaxed, peaceful and glowing.

3. Action: Do it.

All the above prepares action from procrastination sneaking up on you. Your action then becomes an inspiration for others to also commit to the magic of their being.


Commitment cultivates discipline. Discipline needs attention: attention to intention.

Intention is conscious choice, giving more power to the action.

Conscious choice is best made when in Sattva This alone, subtly opens doors of  possibilities.


Even when stuck or unhappy in a place, home or job for years, change is so very possible. When all is seemingly going nowhere, life still flows forward for you too, its just about shifting back into rhythm, rhythm of your flow; so you can recognise again the magic or your being.

An all important telling here is knowing how to let go. This is a big one because the heart always knows what is best, but where there is imbalance between head and heart, the internal tussle to-and- fro consumes you, a lot can time passes by. Enough to loose recognise of who you are anymore and, it seems to stem from a voice that projects from the mind, you might have heard about it? Its called ego.

Ego doesn’t allow what heart wants to do and tries to rule.

Makes you feel like you are against the beautifully flowing river of life.

So you have to learn how to let go of ego. Discipline will show you how.

If you have already tried to meditate you will relate to this:

After 5 mins or (even just a couple of minutes pass), just when you think you’ve got your Zen its as though someone turned on the internal radio, a clanger of a voice destroys the whole thing by ordering you, “I don’t want to meditate.” And thats it, you stop. You have listened to the Tamas voice within. This will wipe out confidence and trust in the practise, to the point of falling through a downward spiral. And its all over.

Many people give up or don’t try to meditate because of this, so you see this is not the way to approach meditation. Without the support of a guide and others to meditate Zen may appear unattainable, but you can develop through refining your thoughts and emotions.

Determination, patience and perseverance strengthen commitment and discipline.

The same applies with Mastering relaxation.

To let go of ego you have to ignore its voice. No matter how successful it appears its no good trying to win it over, you’ll spend a life time consumed by its undying energy. Rather than fight, approach with fun, be playful and gentle, it will ease surrender.  That is why you experience  a mini death in relaxation, because of its passive approach, ego has no one to feed its energy off and so it dies. But this dying of ego also has a cycle of birth, death and rebirth which is why consistent practise to relax is paramount. The more ego dies, and dies again, the less its strength.  And is the reason why yoga or relaxation is performed before meditation, to help ease and enhance transition of surrender.

There will be moments you feel like giving up, or that you have failed, don’t be disturbed by this, continue: keep applying positive attitudes ignoring the negative voice. It will soon get bored and eventually fade, quieten.

When overcoming these hurdles they become insignificant and you soon learn to manage the patterns of your mind, you recognise symptoms that trigger thoughts and emotions and movements before they arrive – its in that moment you have the power to access and reset for healing potency, change and growth.

The good news is mastering relaxation is just the beginning, in time, this is something you can have fun with, for being relaxed brings you in a state of play and creativity.

The thing is, when you learn to let go, closing just one door opens ten more. Your growth can expand in leaps and bounds – speeding up the process of what might have taken years, this is what is so magical about about space time continuum.

Once those circuitry patterns start breaking you will be operating with higher emotions, no longer trading conversations and desires for money or things that come with conditions and contracts, but desiring pure love and openness, acceptance and freedom. This will reflect in your life socially and professionally.

Commit to Self

Once you have commit to self, I cant express enough how things subtly yet magically happen once you start the journey so, be prepared for subtle change. As Sahajananda says,

“Trust in the infinite power of the heart.”

All change is positive, within the stirring of the seemingly non manifest, the unseen unfolding of synchronistic stories and events continue to link us forward to here and now. Your past actions are your present living and create your future.

Practise more Relaxation to rest in the unknown, rest perceived as a quiet confidence.

By committing to the sessions of Master Relaxation in your home you will discover techniques helping you overcome fear, reduce anxiety, alleviate insomnia and dissolve destructive thoughts.


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