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Light the fire of your Heart

Self Alignment - Discover your hidden gift



Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. Ill meet your there - Rumi




What is Hridaya Meditation?
Hridaya translates to Spiritual Heart or the heart centre representing our ultimate nature. The perspective of Hridaya integrates non-duality and self enquiry with the intention to live in the very “core” of existence, to feel the heartbeat of every moment of life, to know intuitively the eternal dimension of every moment.
A form of deep meditation and self revelation discovered by ancient spiritual masters, and brought to us again by Sahajananda (Claudiu Trandafir). Based on traditional spiritual principles and visions from classical Yoga – Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, Advaita Vedanta, Tantra, Kashmiri Shaivism and Atma Vichara. Further aligned with teachings from Sufism, Christianity, Buddhism, and Taoism, Hridaya is non dogmatic.

What will it do for me?
Perhaps the answer to why meditation has become more attractive today is in the deep contentment that arises. When merging with the intimacy of our natural state consequently enthusiasm integrates into our being.

Meditation helps dissolve bad habits and destructive patterns that create stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, headaches. Improves relationships, peace and purpose, found through the elevation of mental tensions.

Negative thought, feeling dull, lack of vitality, doubt and non connection with our inner world is very consuming. In the out outer world this can be perceived as having no time or running out of time, suffering tiredness and disease manifesting in the body. Positive attitudes such as perseverance and compassion must be cultivated for integration of meditation in the physical life.


Meditate & Radiate
Those who meditate regularly emanate a particular quality that evokes curiosity in others. This inner sparkle reflects and exists in each and every one of us, the radiant self.

How do I know I am meditating?

Hridaya meditation is a direct expereince. Your everyday life will reflect postive change and outcome from your meditation practice.

These practical sessions show how to apply varying techniques according to different mind states, thoughts and emotions, (even when overwhelmed by them). Patterns will become more obvious to you giving deeper understanding of emotions, thoughts that come and go and what to with conflicting energy at the level of emotions and mind.




Will I become boring?

The contrary applies, the mind becomes more dynamic and responsive instead of dull or reactive. By developing sharper awareness and intuition your will also have better understanding and compassion toward yourself and others. Ideas and creativity are born out of your true desires. You simpy become a better version of you!

Total Clarity
Increasing awareness brings us into a space of clarity and stillness. This does not mean we stop in fact we seem to get more done in less time. Life starts presenting itself to you. Meditation helps us to see more, giving opportunity for change. To take control of your life physically through either disease or accident or relationship, work and financial.

“Thank you for dedicating your time, I feel really energised and uplifted. I feel a shift after the meditation it made me realise, how much I have been living in my head all these years. When I dropped in the heart I felt like I had met a long lost friend I am back in touch with. You have help me realise as long as my thoughts and actions come from my heart, I know what ever I do in life will be the right decision. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
"I was very lucky to have a whole week in a beautiful place to feel this energies, and to have an inspiring teacher as Niamh to guide me there. Hope we meet again."
Heleen Strasse

If you wish to experience more of who you really are contact to book your 4 week meditation course with practical daily tips.