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Intuitive Being

Why do the opposite when a distinct gut-feeling tells you otherwise?
Intuition may appear to not come easy to some, may not be easily heard or felt in different moments /phases /situations for one reason or another. We have the emotional body hardwired to the psyche, thoughts that can deceive us to believe otherwise along with the play of external force and influence. Not to mention attachments to these, known and unknown. So theres a lot going on! Sometimes we get it – the so called right – and other times we don’t – the so called very wrong!

I often heard the questions, “How do I listen to body-mind responses?” “How do I recognise or differentiate the feeling or knowing what I want from the thinking of what I want?”

When in your darkest hour, feeling alone or simply when all appears to fail, despair not. By looking ‘out – there’, developing commune with the big sky and great ocean we can find not only a console but answers that conceive without words. In ways of great mystery and surprise we can start to find joy and rest in the unknown. Which is why i love to return to some of Cornwall’s most remote areas to re-connect. Become charged again by the freshness of natures elements. To watch nature’s most finest story unfold and be touched through her raw wilderness, and to share this other way of feeling, seeing and hearing of inner-outer space for a whole integration of being.

Photo by Tim Porter

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