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Out beyond ideas of right doing and wrong doing There is a field.I will meet you there. Rumi

This is not to promote self healing nor deny medical treatment favouring one better than the other, each having their own meaning and purpose honouring different needs in different times. This is for you as women to become more aware of all options available.

Listening to the Body

About a year ago I sensed I had an ovarian cyst, the first step was to validate self diagnosis with a medical one. Once confirmed through ultra sound, next was to explore all treatments available conventional and alternative. Then, finally taking confident steps. The most extreme treatment offered surgery. After tuning into the listening body such incisions felt harsh and intrusive on the energetic structure. This prompt further inquiry to self heal within the broad spectrum of tools yoga offers, when awakening of the Divine Feminine spoke to me. By the way, healing in yoga is accidental. Healing is discovered through energy manifestation during the aspiring and seeking of the Self; its findings are vast. One must be a bit of a free thinker to wish to experience the true self, to believe such a thing is possible. In the same way the edge of land is met by a wall of fog clouding vision beyond, where out of sight, the great expanse of a dynamic moving ocean exists. What is hidden is pure raw energy. Only the sound of the oceans breath a telling of this greater mystery. In the same way we can listen to the voice of the soul via communication of sensory awareness. To stretch beyond such boundaries of conventional thought and belief we can meet in a space – beyond the mind – where the true healer is. Where in-between the physical outline of what seemingly separates you-from-me emerges a connectedness and reveals a wisdom. There is knowingness, an understanding that healing and growth require moving beyond separation.

The Power of Women

Consider the collective consciousness of what women have witness and endure since the beginning of time and how this influences the psyche of the womb. Her nature and nurture, memories and pains, distortion and violation of the womb – of what she holds, posses and what she thinks she’s lost. By identifying with these ideas of right and wrong, blockages and doubts (known and unknown) arise, leaving states of confusion, contraction, impeding creativity and spontaneity; the very expression of Shakti herself. She is the energy or power of consciousness. When women come together to share in sacred sisterhood these contractions dissolve and healing energy amplifies.

Disease as Information

When disease manifests on the physical level its shows us an imbalance of energies, body is talking to us. During sacred awakening of the Divine Feminine, the very beginning of a healing process starts with acknowledgement of imbalance through its characteristics. For example, since the nature of an ovarian cyst likes to cling onto old energy I asked both feminine and masculine aspects of my inner and outer world,
“What am I holding onto in my life and relationships?”
“Does the feminine and masculine relationship harmonise with my outer world; friends, family, work?“
“Whats is in the way of /or holding me back in my creativity?”

While contemplating these questions, I continued to feel into what is out of balance by listening to the sensory responses. Then, moving beyond the personal, acknowledging the womb of the world carrying an archive of ancestry psyche. Expanding awareness in this way helps release what emotions may be holding or clinging onto. In the end, such analysis is not important. What matters is bringing light to what is hidden—only then does transformation start to occur.

It was in the perfect timing when our gathering Embody your Divine Feminine was scheduled. Led by Antoeaneta Goeta, who shares 24 years work with women, with us. You can expect the unexpected as you explore the wisdom of your womb through dance, meditations and breath in new ways. Ladies, you can expect to dive into your vulnerability meeting others’ too in beautifully held, non judgemental surrounds. You will laugh, cry, connect lovingly with your reflections and so much more.

Diet Number 7

One of my discoveries in our Divine Feminine gatherings was a ten day George Oswaha’s  “Diet Numer 7.” This macrobiotic diet is mostly associated with healthy eating, weight loss and detox, consequently its subtler, more powerful healing advantage of curing numbers of disease is not so realised. A strict 10 day Oswaha fast is performed to re-balance yin and yang energies (female & male) by strengthening a weakened feminine charging the body with its yang energy. As this discovery transpired it resonated deeply within and seemed most natural since the symptoms expressed a feminine depletion. My mind didn’t want to do it. But I didn’t listen to mind. I listened to my body through sensory awareness, where every molecule of my being was thirsting for this solar sourced food of yang energy. During the process of Oshawa cleanse, components of the blood cells are renewed only after 7-8 days, therefore it is imperative the diet continues for the full 10 days for the healing completion. The physical is but a reflection of the emotion and mind. Oshawa diet has gives tremendous power of the mind setting bringing a deep life-appreciation and new found quiet confidence.

Healing Is Just The Beginning

Three weeks after the ten day diet I returned for a second ultra sound showing no sign of an ovarian cyst ever existed. It had gone. Healing an ovarian cyst is but the surface of this work. The depth of our Divine Feminine gatherings unveil the Divine jewels we are as women, all her quirks and imperfections, giving openness into loving relationships, ultimately life.

The Listening Body 

Understanding and recognising body responses are essential when communicating for self healing. The existing polarity of both inner and outer worlds of sensations continuously play out to us and are expressed through both feminine and masculine aspects of our being. Your body temperature, gravity, emotion, tone, mood, how we think/see, touch, environment and so on, are all uniquely reflected.

Shifting Attention

The secret to energetic work is to shift away from mind into the body. Recognising symptoms, expressions & echoes of the subtle body and how they might reflect in your life through sensory awareness. Once the truth of what we feel starts to crystallise, we can move away from what mind is telling us to do. During gatherings like Embody your Divine Feminine the emergence of self healing inherently speaks to every individual as One, so let go of finding answer for Grace to orchestrate her wisdom.

The Depth of Womanhood

There is something sensually penetrative about a woman who truly knows her depth. I urge you as women to deepen and honour connection with the very creation of life – your womb. To remain free in a loving, playful dance in a life where duality exists by surrendering to the unknown. It should come of no surprise then when Divine subtleties reflect through you, healing and supporting relationships and life around.

The wisdom, trust, friendships, love and continuous gifts from this work never cease to contently satisfy, its as if I see my very own eyes smile through the mirror of my imagination.

Our next gathering led by Antoaneta is 1 & 2 July 2017

I hope to see more of you Jewels shine forth, with love Niamh xXx

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