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Sunday 25th June 8-9pm – Palmhouse Sefton Park
Flow with the beat of your heart,
an open breath…
let the music give rhythm to your movement,
the practise to take you there…
don’t be surprised if you leave feeling silently ecstatic!

This immersive cocoon of uplifting sounds brings an intimate yet collective ambience as we journey together musically. You will be guided through yoga flow of both gentle & challenging postures for experienced & beginners.
Sounds by local artist Lupine using original works across house music and downtempo styles; mixed into Niamh’s journey of words and postures to uplift the senses, specifically designed to open the heart and connect with soul. We will cool down in the chill out phase, dissolving all movement into stillness with a peace & tranquility relaxation.
Wireless headsets are light, comfy & secure.

To secure your place & headset, register by email [email protected]

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LUPINE music has an emotional edge!
Lupine explores the direct consequence of each element on the psyche to deliver a truly uplifting and emotional experience. The final coexistence of these elements produces a truly beauty journey from start to finish in a symbiosis of music & soul. With a layering of feeling that transcend through Lupines music, it becomes obvious his inspirations are drawn from happiness and a sense of freedom, it becomes of no surprise this reflects in his music.

NIAMH your heart & soul mentor!
Experiencing many walks of life before “coming back home,” Niamh shares the way of the heart using energy of body, mind & breath to bring out the aliveness of what is hidden. Honoring all expressions in life Niamh surrounds herself by weird and wonderful crazy cats as well as tender beings: all hearts—closed, open & broken, creatives, free thinkers, visionaries, nature’s brilliance and raw elements. When not teaching Niamh frequents to wide open spaces, the sea, the sky…and marvels at life’s great mystery.

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