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Thank you for your beauty full reflections, it takes courage and comitment to journey inside. Always remember,  you took yourself there, you did the work. You create the time, the space and listened to your hearts whispers. While no one(s) moment to be compared to the next, the same air we breathe and world we live is shared as one. As Rumi said,

Neither I am me, nor you are you, nor you are me, Also, I am me, you are you and you are me. We have become one in such a way, That I am confused whether I am you, or you are me.

“I have been to many of Niamh’s classes, Yin, Flow etc. and always come out feeling amazing and wondering “was that really a whole hour?!” She has that sort of aura that only the very best yoga teachers have where you feel that you’ve had a bit of a spiritual journey during each class and thank yourself for turning up. Thoroughly recommended” Melissa Goddard 🙂



                                                         Evgenia Markova


“After being removed from society briefly can I thank you for your trust and simple breathing exercise which is why I remain to give a part of my mind to a brief lesson and encounter, please may I not forget and love. Ronald, Thank you Niamh”.

“Niamh was a wonderful host; she made me feel welcome and comfortable. The technique we used was a simple and powerful one, and her presence facilitated a deeper and more profound experience of the meditation”. Attilla Beres

“Just a message to say thank you for dedicating your time yesterday. It is nice to meet people who have made it their life’s mission to help and heal. Today I feel really energised and uplifted, I feel a shift occurring after doing your meditation it made me realise, how much I have been living in my head all these years, when I dropped my mind in the heart, I felt like I had met a long lost friend and I am back in touch. You have made me realise, to think with my heart and as long as my thoughts and actions come from that place, I know what ever I do in life will be the right decision. Thank you, thank you, thank you! See you soon. peace and love to you” 🙂 Natasha

“I have practised yoga for 5 yrs now and I enjoy it immensely, I enjoy hot and non hot yoga but i have always struggled with yin !! I have a very busy life and a very busy mind and I find it really difficult to shut down I have tried many times but just could not shut of my mind !!! I attended a class at your yoga studio taught by Niamh it was a Yin class I did not no this till I was on the mat !! Niamh has a lovely soothing voice so i shut my eyes and literally fell into the practise I was amazed when an hour later we where in sivasana I was totally relaxed. Yin accomplished thank you Niamh” Yvonne Clements xxxx 

“My yoga journey really started in March, when I began learning yoga with Niamh. I discovered how to find balance between a soulful practice and physical flow. This wonderful soulful practice has now filled my life with inner peace & harmony, allowing me to move forward emotionally in life past previous barriers, which in turn has given me confidence to start my own business in holistic healing. I would like to thank Niamh for guiding me along my journey.” Lisa 

“The yoga trip to Turkey was great! I had a wonderful time, with inspiring people, at a very special place. Morning classes vinyasa yoga were hard work for me and I really enjoyed it, I have done to little of that for some time, and doing this again made me feel very much alive and gave me confidence to do more yoga. Afternoon classes were yin yoga and meditation that gave me real deep relaxation, surrender to the earth it makes me be in the now. I was very lucky to have a whole week in a beautiful place to feel this energies, and to have an inspiring teacher as Niamh to guide me there.
Hope we meet again.” love Heleen strasse

“Niamh’s classes are perfectly balanced between the physical and the spiritual, accessible to beginners with challenges for those more advanced. She takes a serious approach to the sessions that have an ever present element of fun. Wonderfull.” M. M

“Mostly when I’m instructed to ‘set an intention’ in yoga, it’s simple: Do Not Fart. My ‘spiritual third eye’ is more twitchy than obedient and ‘sacred internal dialogue’ usually consists of debating the merits of the last 2 for 1 offer I saw in the supermarket. Zen by nature’I am not.
 You can imagine my surprise then when during my first Yin experience I found myself not only entering the ‘zone’ but skipping in willingly. I immediately rebelled and a silent battle with Niamh ensued. Her words pulled me towards an empty mind but I fought hard, determined to identify the EXACT tune the ice cream van outside was playing. We duelled like this for sometime, me desperately trying to recite my ‘to do list’, Niamh an unflappable opponent. She won. No matter how hard you try to resist, you will release and relax. I’m now Yin space cadet – surrendered, drooling and proud.” Rose

“Until going to Niamh’s meditation group I had often found it difficult to find a class that I could resonate with. Niamh’s warm instruction offers a good balance guidance and spaciousness through a beautiful meditation. I feel that this helps me go deeper in my meditation. Niamh offers a very supportive atmosphere.” Caroline Morgan

“I only recently began practicing with Niamh at a studio in Liverpool and already her classes are ones that I look forward to incorporating into my own regular routine. You never know what you are going to get, but she will always link physical practice with spiritual practice and keep you grounded to the real reason we practice yoga. She truly teaches from the heart, and her classes help you both on and off the mat as she is such a supportive and encouraging person / mentor. Niamh’s enthusiasm for life is infectious, and I always leave her classes feeling healthy in body, mind and spirit. An inspirational teacher.” Mags Kirk

“Niamh has a calmness and softness, which, when combined with the strength of intention makes her a great teacher for both beginners and more experienced students as she can make a ‘simple’ forward bend into the most challenging pose! She really proves that there is something in yoga besides ‘making shapes’ and I always leave the mat feeling better than when I arrived for sure! She has a rare gift of bringing out what is already in you by teaching and not ‘instructing’ and on a personal level has made me feel more confident about choices I have made. A truly beautiful soul.”
Gary Kirk

“Thank-you Niamh for a wonderful yoga and meditation experience. I am grateful for the love and kindness offered from the group. I always wanted to go on a retreat and I’m so glad I found you and the beautiful olive groves of Ekincik. Yin Yoga has opened my heart and allowed me to go further into my stretches. Until the next retreat.

” Zuhre


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