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The only person stopping you from relaxing is you.

Relaxing is not sitting in front of the TV or having a beer in the bar.  These activities are forms of escapism, brainwashing or social influences that stimulate and pour more data into the psyche, which is the opposite to relaxing.

True relaxation allows you to access your internal reservoir for absorption of fresh energy.

Im talking about a deep relaxation beyond cellular level where you detach from and strip back all disturbances of the mind, into the core of your being, which is radiant by the way, abundant with fresh energy.

Disturbances such as worry, tensions, fears, unwanted thoughts and feelings, emotions, memories that hold you back.

The moment your eyes open in the morning, data starts streaming into your consciousness. What thoughts you put your attention on, pretty much determines your day.

So if bad thoughts and ideas disturb you, why not follow positive, good ones? The same applies with a bad dream, if you are easily disturbed you will be required to work a little more, to shift your attention to more positive uplifting thoughts and actions.

If unpleasant experiences of the past continue in the present, only you can be responsible to start making change for your future. By applying thoughts and emotions positively as explained in meditation of master relaxation you can transmute the negative ones.

Those on a self realisation path aspire to sattvic living for the refining of thoughts and emotions when meditating. The reason why is becuase its positive enhancements support the journey by dissolving old patterns and unwanted habits that surface from the subconscious mind.

Your mind ingests and digests in the same way your body does

Diet is also relative since tamas can be present in food as well as mental pollution. For example, its obvious you wouldn’t have an espresso shot before going to sleep at night because of it stimulating effect and strain on the endocrine and nervous system putting you in a jittery and wired frenzy. So why then should it be any different that you watch a horror or disturbing programme on the TV before going to bed?

By becoming more aware of such day to day influences you can change what you absorb you can start to take responsibility of your wellbeing. This is not avoidance, this is making conscious choice.

When it comes to learning how to relax change knocks on your door.

Life shows continuous change

By looking to nature as your teacher, you see the seasons weather patterns shape and reshape land, temperature and colour in great contrast. As you grow baby to adult you shape your future from school to work, living with, then without parents, where people and friends come and go.

As with the cycle of birth, death and rebirth, change is evidently endless and meets you with lifelong new beginnings and experiences.

Preparing your psyche for unexpected change is a great tool to mentor your wellbeing, since change is inevitable. Trying to control what happens outside of you will only cause heartache and strain, while inside you can repair pain and grow.

With practise you will come to rest in the unknown. The very least you can do is flow gracefully with change. This comes with Mastering Relaxation.

To relax is the very least you can master because of its positively infectious effect, is unlimited. The least becomes the most, as the unfolding of truth and love lights up the shadowed mind of another.

Change can be subtle and sometimes can feel like nothing is happening but is very definitely a work in progress. And while in transition of relaxation – shifting from individual to transpersonal – can be testing. Ego doesn’t want you to look inside only to be burned by the beacon of its being.

So in these times ride the tiger (!!) persist and persevere.

Divert all attention from external dramas that distract by internalising to the loving kindness and compassionate being you are.

Through regular relaxation you will develop more acceptance and courage for change. Just as seasons shape and mould us, so does nature of the mind, and you can direct the energy of mind with varying meditation techniques according to varying seasons of the mind.

Modern or not, life has always present pressure and challenge. As much as we humans seem to complicate things in life, within every one of us resides the emotion of great human love. And this is what we gravitate to when learning to relax, our intrinsic nature or true essence, which is pure and unconditional love.

Learn how to relax in the comfort of your own home.

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