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Often called to remote space where passing souls are few and far between, I tread around the edge of land, it’s gradients give sensation of earths curvature. To my suprise this windswept walk into wilderness became alive with a thriving colony of seals. Suddenly, Im not alone.


Through barrel turns of roaring waves they launch themselves onto shore. They lay busy relaxing, unfazed by lively events around them. The background whirl of wind fuelling the ocean air, stirring ferocious swirls.


High winds snatch a seagulls catch, it drops into the sea. Manages to swoop, catch and drop again. Breath taking moments, I am excited and devistated as Mr. Seagull who hard at play wins and loses in the perpetual push and pull of survival. As I walk on, each footstep draws me deeper into the home of the wild, onto an extended sandy sofa where hundreds of seal’s are basking. Me a spectator or intruder? I wonder who looks at who while encroaching their living space. Though it didn’t stop the seals turn up their magnetism, coaxing me miles along the costal stretch of North Atlantic.


Enchanted by moving lumps of rubbery banana shaped mammals where upon witnessing a seal give birth to her cup, it had come to light I’d arrived in their breeding area. Marvelling at this unforeseen gift nature present. Respectively, I move on. Swiftly, so not to disturb the mothers sniff of her new pup the first 30 minutes of it being born. This association between her pup and its smell is crucial. The pups poor co-ordination would result in death due to its abandonment, should the mother be disturbed.


All this beneath a sky of rainbows. While both lifes miracles and cruelty meet, it becomes easier to appreciate thus fall deeper in love with life. Not seeking for anything more other than being in the raw elements, the feeling as it touch my bare skin. As David Bowie said, “For my love is like the wind, and wild is the wind. Let the wind blow through your heart. For wild is the wind”. What a glory to witness and immerse in the magestic wonderland of nature. Thank you.

In wonderment and gratitude.


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