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Body Full of Light – Yin Yoga & Hridaya Meditation


Saturday 3rd October 1-4pm 2015   Oceanflow Yoga, Newquay, Cornwall

Sunday 11th October 1-4pm 2015  The Self Centre, Suffolk

Saturday 14th  & Sunday 15th November City mini retreat Liverpool

In this workshop we reset body & mind back to its balance of primary function, which is to restore fluidity for flow in life; flexibility, strength, support & vitality. We further align through exploration of the body & sound immersion using our voice as a tool, to journey toward the Self for zest & love for life.

Step out of  ‘the way of the head, ’ and dive deep through feeling into the radiance of your being with Yin Yoga (a deep seated practise), renders the letting go of tensions, stories, pains and so on, not trying to push or pull to get somewhere. Combined with breath & meditations through the way of the heart, we find how to create more space in body & mind giving opportunity for change, taking control of your life.

Though challenging we reveal a deep calmness for transformative healing and inner union – for inner smile – inner sparkle and inner joy. Moving from the weight of burdens into a lighter body. 

YOGA FOR CHANGE – Yin Yoga through the perspective of Hridaya Yoga 

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