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Lying down

Its every ones favourite position. In the 14 years Ive been teaching, time and time again I hear echoes within the space I teach, whisper YES! And I see faces of relief when the moment arrives for relaxation in lying down position. Its the moment everyone waits for yet, seems the most difficlut to do.

That is because there is an art to relaxing, that demands practise. And I can show you how.

When you are relaxed your entire life can change because you start seeing more, your senses become more alive. Awareness opens right up and flashes in all faces of mirrors around you. Denial ceases. You start seeing differently and creating in a new way.  And what may have bothered or upset you before, suddenly doesn’t effect you as much.

If your like most people you’ll find it difficult how to relax or even sleep: peacefully. Pressured by things to do, (the feeling of you have-to-do), feeling bad for not doing more, comparing yourself to others, not good enough, circling over the past worrying about the future, the list goes on. I see and hear these challenges amoung others all the time. You really are not alone.

I know how you feel, especially this time of year when natures seasons show us who is boss, leaving you no choice but do as winter does. To retreat with the short daylight hours, you slow down, even stop. Your mind wants to do, but body feels sluggish, nothing is happening in your life but you go through the motions to ‘get through’ what you even call winter blues.

Lets just contemplate for a moment on those gifts that arise when this sense of naturalness wants you to draw inward with the long nights. Instead of identifying with low energy, is this not a perfect time to let go and relax? By allowing yourself to relax and pause in life, brings about a reflective state, to see the depth inside. Once experiencing and cultivating more of this, those things on the outside that stress, or worry you, are expreinced very differntly.

Maybe long nights really do confuse your body and mind having unspent energy. Instead of tussling with this push and pull you can turn this around entirely. By taking yourself in a state of relaxation first, where creative power pours through, then you can squash procrastination and direct all your focus on that project you dream about. When contentment and joy are revealed, that is the moment you can turn the human being into human doing. You can be inspired by visualisation in Moving past fear not just a tool for fear but also to help accelarete you forward in life.

Or maybe its lack of sunshine and colder temperatures deplete your energy and strain your body’s organs and structures, by relaxing with visualisation techniques you can help access your internal reservoir by soothing and replenishing your being.

What ever negative thoughts or sluggish feeling stops you in life, let these be little signs of opportunity for you to recognise. Instead of going over what you’re not happy about, start cultivating positive attitudes and accompany with the technique Infinity Breathing. You can be the person you aspire, by sifting through unwanted thoughts and burdens that stop you from feeling your magic being.

Hiding or hibernating?

I do understand what its like when your not in the best head space or having a bad day.

The last thing you want is to take you and your low feeling into a room full of strangers for a deep stretch body-mind yoga relaxation session.

But, opting for the seemingly safe comfort of walls building around you, the only one who you are hiding from is you. And before you know it, a magnitude of negatives cascade around you. We all have days like this and they are acceptable. In fact it can be a forgiving time to allow or process what needs to be released. But, few days, weeks, months too many where you become stuck and totally out of depth with a heavy mood, is not acceptable. This further ingrains fear and other insecurities such as self consciousness, keeping you stuck. Becoming self conscious itself is now the reason not to do what you know is good for you.

One of the most common things I hear is “I would love to go to yoga but Im too self conscious.”

Guess what, self conscious is awareness, prodding you – something about you is not comfortable with you – and so it is prodding you because it wants your attention. It wants to be released. Or wants to be spent. Raw energy such as nerves, unease, embarrassment and edgy feeling can be transmuted into positive and functional, transfer into vibrancy; pure awareness.

Move yourself out the way

Why care what others think of you when all the while they’re busy worrying what you think of them. Its kind of funny that full blown projections of the imaginary play out, but not so funny when those illusions project as your reality, and you miss out because of it.

These illusions are made up of  The Three Gunas meaning qualities behind, within and around our physical and subtle bodies. They make up our thoughts, moods, how we think, inevitably, how we act. Your life validates this by continuing patterns through the qualities of Sattva, Rajas and Tamas of who you are, sleep, eat, dress, work, choice of friends and so on. The Gunas determine you.

Yoga says when making decisions to go into Sattva to find clarity of truth. A kind of refining of emotions and thoughts, where true action can be taken through Rajas. When in Tamas you cant think properly since qualities of doubt and negativity exist there and create blocks, fears and so on. Caught in this tendacy can be destructive yet Tamas is needed to calm down for rest.  Hridaya Meditation becomes a direct source to Sattva since it shifts awareness from the mind to dwell into the heart abundnat with pure unconditional love where we no longer self judge.

Once put to one side personal hurdles and insecurities; you have created space in the mind. Where there is a clearing, focus sharpens, you start getting creative. By the time you return to your insecurities the transmutable will have taken effect. The not liking aspects of you, turn into loving, believing and trusting in you. A new found radiance. The transition subtle, becomes obvious once integrating through day to day life.

“Thank you so much for a wonderful experience this evening.  It felt so good to reconnect and feel truly alive. I felt quite emotional as I connected to my true self through taking part in this simple act of loving kindness. I hope I can attend more classes in the new year,  I’ve been so caught up in work I’d forgotten what I really need”-Andrea

If you want to feel as good and truly alive as Andrea, the first thing you must do is create time and a feel good space for you. Not for your Mother, Father, friends, partner or children. They will all be there when you return in fact, shifting stagnant, even stubborn feelings and thoughts within, changes dynamics in your relationships. Without even having to talk about it. You can reconnect and feel truly alive by relaxing, soothing and replenishing, healing and move past fear.

Seem like magic? It is.

For now lets stick with you. Right now, you are the most important person you know since you have to live with you. Your internal dialogue, worries and fears follow you everywhere. You sleep at night with them and you wake with them. So lets start by cultivating positive versions of you through sattvic living.

“No matter where you go there you are”.TP

Approach you with realistic surrounds where you feel comfortable. It doesn’t have to be a room full of strangers. By taking small steps toward where you would like to be you will first need to learn how to relax Which is why I have created a practise for you to Master Relaxation in the comforts of your own home to work on. Then, when you’re growing confidence starts taking form you can integrate with life again. The purpose of gathering for practise with others is the energy amplifies. Basking in the echoes of each other’s reflections, charges & stabilises the effects.

Did I say work?

I can show you how to relax, by guiding you to relax you. But you have to want to and have to want to commit to the magic of your being.

I can hear you now – “But I don’t have time?!” Once you master relaxation, more time and space appears, and the word work is suddenly perceived as creating.

For more deeper sensitive issues connect with me for one to one skype sessions.

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