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With the long & drawn out winter soon to arrive appearing to shroud the light of day, a meditative practice of hridaya yoga ignites even the most dimmest of light in our hearts through drawing on the breath. Although cold & blustery elements push us into hibernation with the feeling of withdrawing into the night, this time spent wisely allows absorption, where within the great dome of our ribs we connect more deeply with ourselves. By using the breath to caress the inner walls of our chest we ignite the fire of our hearts. Just like blowing on the embers, we hear the warm voice of our soul light up the fire of our hearts. This listening is a nurturing. This absorbption is one of transmuting unwanted emotions of lonliness, darkness, sadness, depression into lighter thoughts and emotions.

Remember, the brightest light is seen in the dark.

Hridaya yoga is taught every Monday eve 7pm & The Palmhouse

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