The surroundings of Celtic nature during Niamh’s childhood evoked reflections on the wonders of our existence. Though this echoed throughout her life, it wasn't until 2000 she became fully conscious of her spiritual path when meeting her first teacher David Sye, at which point she embarked a transformative journey. Involved in an artistic background at the time this transition became life changing since she direct all her creativity to Yoga. This took her on extensive travels around the world developing trainings and insights from spiritual teachers in Yoga, Tantra, Breath work, Buddhism and more. On return to London Niamh immersed into teachings of Triranta in Buddhism, alongside yoga. It was Metta Bhavna and Mindfulness that re-awaken her longing to dwell in the Spiritual Heart leading her intuitions to Sahajanada, founder and teacher of Hridaya Yoga Spiritual Heart Meditation. Niamh’s journey revealed a surrender to the heart, through which she looks no further than to deepen the experience of the true self.

Niamh has found the magic in yoga to actively maintain fresh attitudes toward ones life making the most of each day. She has observed growth and change available to ALL; no matter how big or small a problem appears having worked with a diverse range of clients, specialising in developing personalised Yoga practices for specific needs and various conditions. Her teachings are rooted in a detailed understanding of tendencies and relationship between the body and the mind. She creates a mindful and clear space for her students to develop their own understanding within their practice and ultimately their own wellbeing.

First qualified in 2004 with Sivananda in India and continues teaching varying yoga styles such as contemporary and vinyasa for ten years. Now a trained teacher of Hridaya Yoga & Meditation (IYF & RYT 500) Mexico based community, Niamh is also involved in UK teacher trainings for The Banyan Tree School of Yoga (YA), a contributing writer for Yoga Magazine, as well as running her own workshops and retreats in Europe. Supported by the beautiful teachings from Sahajananda, Niamh also expresses gratitude to Sivinanda, Satyananda of Bihar, Agama and Aurolab (Body of Light) schools of yoga.