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The wave of the breath, tremor of life
breath moving the body,  the swell of the ocean
symbiotic to the expansion and contraction of our lungs
moved by subtle breath, or prana— the very sustenance of aliveness.

Yoga & Meditation Workshop 1-4pm 21st MAY 2016

Through awareness of SENSATIONS & SOUND we create space via the full body mind yoga experience for HEART & SOUL.

Playing with the senses

This workshop is a practise of Hridaya Hatha yoga postures & movement in sequential flow, awaking cells, tissues & muscles for strength, core, will power and confidence. We ease into a yin practise including absorption of prana & inner sound giving strong boost for Hridaya meditation. A FULLY experimental & explorative practise, expect a delight for the senses! This workshop develops trust & focus and is invigorating for the soul, prepare to leave with an open heart!

Tea and tasty treats for after!
All levels and beginners welcome
Spaces are limited.
To Book: Email [email protected] 

Warming into yoga flow on beautiful coast of Cornwall, Bedruthan Steps

CSKApzKWUAAr97ZSukhasana –  easy crossed leg pose  

Centering and grounding, giving power to internalise into the freshness of the present moment. Warming and opening both sides of  spine, opening the entire  thoracic front and back. Breathe and enjoy the stretch, feeling into the release of any stories and tensions. Spaciousness.


Urdhva Mukha Svanasana – upward facing dog 

Heart opening, lifting the chest – makes a joyful stretch. Contentment.
Strengthens  spine, arms, wrists. Stretching open chest & shoulders and, from the lower abdomen up stimulating abdominal organs and lungs. Helps relieve lethargy, fatigue, sciatica, soothing for asthmatic tendencies.


Adho Mukha Svanasana – downward facing dog

A great resting or transitional phase before the next posture! Energising muscles of the legs, elongates spine since releases tensions  & creates space between the vertebral discs. Strengthens arms, shoulders and back. Benefits of an inversion; allowing free flow of fresh energy into brain cells relieving headaches, insomnia and fatigue. Calming and cooling the digestive & nervous system.


Shashankasana-Moon pose

“The moon symbolises peace and calm; it emits soothing and tranquillising vibrations. Shashankasana has a similar calming and cooling effect.” Swami Satyananda

We enter Shashankasana from the energising pose of Vajrasana through which the mind is ALREADY becoming clear, LUMINOUS, light, spacious & HEART opening – as well as strengthening ankles, knees & hip joints. As we raise the arms stretching away from tensions, moving the upper body forward, over the thighs. Exhaling as we fold over the legs thus opening into the seat of our soul.

We open the vertebrae, tone pelvic muscles, strengthen muscles of legs and thighs, stimulate the digestive system. Corrects position of spine toning spine & roots of spinal nerves, calms & relaxes the mind. Developing harmony peace & compassion.

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