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Hatha Yoga

A profoundly reflective practise we begin with a warming sequence to open the joints and stimulate the tissues and muscles. With the intention to shift energy and cultivate a positive vibe, asana (posture) is applied to the whole body in traditional sequence. Holding postures for some time becoming challenging, strengthening the mind, increasing will power, not to mention re-shape the whole body & mind beautiful.

We complete with a guided mediation, experiencing the potentiality of the unlimited Self.

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Yoga Flow

A fushion of dynamic movement and static postures. Releasing tensions of the physical, mental, emotional body.

As each posture unfolds to create the next; we release and strengthen through a calm yet deep flow. Opening the hips, spine and shoulders through standing, twists and seated postures stimulating heart, lymph and spinal fluid, refreshing both body and mind. We increase strength and will power.

This makes for an invigorating yet relaxing yoga practice. Enhancing inner peace for outer beauty, leave feeling refreshed with the eyes glowing.

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Yin Yoga

A deep seated, grounding practise through the way of the heart for all the the structures and organs of the being to readjust, realign & harmonise, thus revealing deep calmness for transformative healing, transparency & self connection. Developing relaxation this way, we simply wake up & dance the day as the whole creation.

  • Full lower & upper body sequence

  • Deep stretch opening body & mind

  • Balance elements earth - water -fire

  • Dissolve emotions, worry, anger fear into wisdom, beauty & love

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    Read More on yin yoga here published in Yoga Magazine

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    "Niamh has a lovely soothing voice, so I shut my eyes and literally fell into the practise. I was amazed when an hour later we were in Sivasana I was totally relaxed. Yin accomplished, thank you Niamh"
    Yvonne Clements
    "Niamh resonates from her genuine desire to deliver excellence, and to share the multiple wisdoms of the yoga"
    Katie Mutton, Yoga-team, London

    Breathing Body

    Turn up, refine and amplify, resonate and elevate through your breathing body.



    "You are the sky. Everything else... its just the weather." - Pema Chodron